Today is, of course, the 4th of July. Codi and I checked out the day-time celebrations in downtown Lake Oswego. There was a kids’ parade, a number of bands playing, lots of BBQing, and some boat parades on the lake. A couple fighter jets made a fly-by, and I got a so-so picture of one jet. We had lunch at Manzana (amazing chopped chicken salad) because Zeppo Italian Restaurant was closed. All very nice, very pleasant in downtown Lake O.

Later in the afternoon, Laura and Josh came over and we had a little BBQ. Laura, Codi and I went to downtown Portland to see the fireworks from Waterfront Park. We got there at 7pm to get good seats and waited till 10pm for the show. We had 3 hours of entertainment watching some really freakish people.

I was interviewed by a TV crew after the city’s sprinkler system went off while several hundred people were sitting on the grass with their picknick blankets, etc. Did anyone see me on TV?

The fireworks were pretty good, but they only lasted 30 minutes. Codi and I both got some good pics, as shown below. Enjoy!

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