I recently put together a new desktop computer with an Antec Aria case, an MSI motherboard, etc., as noted a few days ago. I was very happy with the setup until I realized that the USB 2.0 ports on the front of the case only ran at 1.1. The “8 in 1″ media card reader was deceptively advertized as if it was USB 2.0, whereas Antec tech support indicates that it’s only USB 1.1.

MSI claims (rightfully) that their mobo has USB 2.0 front & back. Antec tech support said they had no tech support records for troubleshooting the Aria case as it is too new. They promised to send me a new front panel for the case so I could try to fix the USB 2.0 problem (and contribute to their knowledge base), but the front panel hasn’t arrived after nearly 3 weeks. I also realized that I cannot be limited to only 3 PCI cards and one hard drive. I do waaaay too much on computer to be hand-cuffed like that.

So, I’m returning the case and mobo and will be going with the Antec LanBoy case and a really cool mobo by Asus – the “K8V SE DELUXE”.

Here are some pics of the mess I got into trying to debug the Aria/MSI problems. Even a replacement Gigabyte mobo didn’t work. Go figure!

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