Today I got a new GMAIL account by Google. An entire gigabyte of storage for emails? Frankly, I don’t think I’ve received that much email in the last few years, but hey – it’s a lot better than the measly 2MB offered by buggy, spam-plagued and others!!

One cool thing I learned about GMAIL is that you can apply labels to any of your email messages, which makes for super fast categorizing of mails, lightning fast searches through inbox, archives, etc. The only flaws I see (and hey – it’s beta!) are that you can’t import POP3 emails into the account and you can’t upload contacts from Outlook or Outlook Express. If you have a lot of contacts, the manual entry can take hours. But otherwise, GMAIL is brilliant!!

Oh, and as appropriate as could possibly be for my new email address, I was able to select That’s me, ever the proud Oregonian who loves his northwest paradise!

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