By my own nature, I am a pretty sceptical reader. Newspapers are trash (a thought best illustrated by an old Soviet joke where factory workers are asked their opinions about the Pravda newspaper. They complained that Pravda used too dark an ink. When the publisher asked why the readers would want lighter ink, the workers explained that the dark ink was staining their butts…). Many magazines are filled with mind-numbing blathering and literature has taken a rocket-propelled nose dive in the last few decades. I’ve recently begun looking at Barnes & Noble not as a book store, but as a housing for about a billion felled trees.

That said, I was given a book to read – The Da Vinci Code. It sat untouched for 5 months, faithfully protecting my bookshelf from dust.

A couple days ago, I began reading Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. From the foreword, I was intrigued. I read a few pages the first day. I read about 5 times as much the next day. For two nights now I have sat in bed with a flashlight, reading until the wee hours of the morning. Last night I read until the flashlight battery started fading out (shaking it again and again to extract a few more minutes of light). This has never happened before.

I’m not comparing The Da Vinci Code to Dickens, Twain or Dostoevsky (classic literature), as The Da Vinci Code is in a class of its own. Buy it – read it – enjoy the eye-opening experience!

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