Do the words “cattle car” or “sardine can” effectively communicate the cramped quarters of Delta’s newly arranged seating? Somehow they managed to add yet more rows into an already inhumanely packed cabin. When I sat down in my seat, my knees were literally pressed up against the chair in front of me. Then, much to my dismay, the guy in front of me reclined his seat all the way back, almost to the point where I could do nothing but stare at his scalp. I paced the cabin until a stewardess offered me a seat with better leg room – an exit row. It was nice to stretch my legs in front of myself, but the chair would not recline and the arm rests did not fold back. I tried to fashion a make-shift bed out of the pop-up dinner trays, but that didn’t work. I wound up on the floor on 5 blankets and 2 pillows, only to get about 15 minutes of sleep. Boooo! I vow to never fly a domestic Delta flight again. Frontier Airlines is much better! They have built in LCD TV’s in each head-rest, too!

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