Monthly Archives: May 2004


Codi and I drove out to Lincoln City and Newport this morning. We got to Lincoln City just after 1pm. We got some really nice pictures of waves crashing into rocks. We then made our way down to Newport to see the Oregon Coast Aquarium. We enjoyed our visit there and came away with some neat pics of jelly fish, puffins, etc. One of the oddest things we saw was an exhibit of two South American fish that are related to the sea horse. They look like a cross between a bug, a sea horse, seaweed and a stick fish. After the aquarium, we visited a lighthouse, but I didn’t take note of the name of the lighthouse. We saw a whale feeding in the waters! We also saw sea lions, birds that look very much like penguins and a lot of tide pools.

VAN HELSING… SUCKED (Get it?! Vampires? Sucked?)

The special effects in Van Helsing were not too bad. Some of the effects (makeup, morphing, electric explosions, etc.) were really pretty good, but most of the stunts and chase/escape scenes were insulting and laughably bad. The worst stunt/effect scene is where Van Helsing’s coach jumps a 45-50 foot canyon pulled by a team of horses. You can actually watch the computer animated horses and coach lift off and gain altitude, as if they’re being lifted by a massive swell of hot air over the icy canyon. The dialog was pitiful. The acting was sad, as if the actors were first-timers. Kate Beckinsale looked awesome as usual (her best look was in “Underworld”!) and Hugh Jackman fit the part of Van Helsing “to a T”.

One thing that irks me is the fact that Carl’s Junior has decided that they should use the characters of Dracula’s wives for their hamburger ads. What moron thought this was a good match? Blood-sucking bitches from hell are supposed to whet our appetites for burgers and fries? Flesh eating undead + 1/2 pound of hamburger = yum!


I went out for another visit to Argyle Winery today to talk to Dan and Willy. While there, I took a short drive up to the top of the Knudsen Vineyards (owned by Cal Knudsen and managed by Argyle) to take some pictures. This particular vineyard is one of my favorite spots in Oregon. The views are spectacular, to say the least. The vines were fresh and vibrant after a morning rain. The grape clusters were in the later stages of bud-break, making them look like tiny pellets instead of grapes. The entire vineyard smelled amazing – crisp, clean air and the scent of rich soil. It’s days like today that make it clear why Oregon Pinot Noir so amazing. Check out some of the pics below.