Codi and I hiked up to Latourell Falls this afternoon. It was really windy, but it was nice and warm. We hiked under the falls, then all the way up to the crest of the falls – something like 1.5 miles of hiking up. Not too far, really, but it’s pretty steep so it feels like a long way. At the crest, we took photos over the edge – no fence, no guard rails; just 270 feet of open air with not so much as a twig to hold onto if you slipped. Yikes! Picture 15 below shows the size of people at the base of the falls below. Pretty far! It was really windy at the top and the gusts of wind made for a few scary moments on the edge. There were a lot of really cool plants and odd looking flowers in the forest above the falls. Pictures 11 and 12 are two examples. 152 photos in total today.

see the tiny people?

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