I bought my Canon Digital Rebel from Shutterbug, a local, family-owned Oregon company with stores throughout the state. I had some troubles with dust getting on the CCD chip, so I brought it in. The CCD was in a bad way, and the guys at Shutterbug (Washington Square Mall) took the time to help clean off the CCD. One of their corporate reps drove up to Tigard from Salem (30-40 minute drive at best) to look at the camera and help me out. They took the time to make sure the CCD was clean and that the camera was taking flawless pics. Because I had an emergency photoshoot, they loaned me a point-and-shoot camera for a few hours! All in all, I was very very well taken care of – much more than expected. It’s rare to find a company so dedicated to customer service; even more rare is a company whose regional managers and other folks are willing to pitch in to make a customer happy. Thanks to Chris, Chris, Tyler and others.

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