Today we drove out to Dundee, Oregon to visit the folks at Argyle Winery. Argyle is one of the finest wineries in the country, and was voted “The best all-around winery in Oregon”. We drove our sports car all the way up to the top of the vineyards and took a bunch of great photos (the car got so dirty). Later, Jason helped out with harvest work, stacking crates, loading crates of pinot noir grapes into the de-stemmer, and then “punch-down” (mixing the already fermenting pinot noir grapes in their massive bins) – an activity that sets Argyle apart from other wineries. While most wineries have automated these processes, Argyle knows that a hands-on approach is still the best way to create the finest product possible. Anyway, lots of scrapes, bruises, purple stains and sore muscles from all this work, but it was well worth it for such a fun day and a great learning experience. A big “thanks!” to all the Argylers who let me get in the mix that day!

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