Monthly Archives: August 2003


We drove out along the Columbia river gorge to Hood River. We hopped aboard the Hood River Railroad and enjoyed the scenery from the gorge all the way to Parkdale, at the base of Mt. Hood. Seeing Eliot Glacier was a real treat, especially since it’s on the rarely seen north face of Mt. Hood.


Today we went to Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Park. It was pure fun and adventure. We hiked in Ape Cave, a 1,900 year old cave formed by lava flow. The cave ranged from 25′ tall to about 2′ tall. Even though it was about 78 degrees and sunny on the surface, it was about 48 degrees and pitch black inside. With absolutely no light source, the cave is somewhat eerie but thoroughly exciting. Later, we went hiking up toward Mount St. Helens, then we went hiking along a river with beautiful waterfalls and massive cliffs of volcanic rock, some of which is over 35 million years old. An amazing day to say the least!


Jason and Codi drove out to the Oregon coast to Cannon Beach. There we walked along the beach and checked out the gorgeous tide pools where we saw tons of starfish, sea anemones, crabs and other creatures. Haystack Rock was very impressive. Due to the flawless weather, Jason went body surfing. Quite a good day!